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  • Products
    24V 31200mAh Power lithium battery pack...
    24V power battery: Product model: XL-22.2V 31200mAh, widely used in power tools, instruments, ...
    10.8V 2500mAh imported lithium battery...
    10.8V imported lithium battery: Product model: XL 10.8V 2500mAh, widely used in medical equipm...
    •  24V 31200mAh Power lithium battery pack
    • 10.8V 2500mAh imported lithium battery
    About Us
    About Us
    Dongguan Xuanli electronics Co., LTD
    Dongguan Xuanli electronics Co., LTD is a safe and efficient development of green energy high and new technology enterprise. The company has been working in the industrial customers with various kinds of professional power solutions.Xuanli company has a senior solutions of power professional team, at any time for customers quickly and efficiently provide high quality power solutions. The main products of the company are: intelligent battery, ICR18650 lithium battery, polymer lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate lithium batteries, Ni-MH battery, the battery charger.【See Detail】
    • 2009
    • 12000
      Factory area
    • 1000
      Product Category
    • 60
      Technical staff
    Online consultation
    Service Hotline:0769-2332-0236
    Service & Support
    Service Hotline:0769-2332-0236
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    Follow us
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